Doubt in a scene assembly

Hi, I’m new here and Blender as well.

I’m making a scene and I have some doubts. I’ve downloaded several models from the 3D warehouse sketch up that I put in my scene.

After I convert these files into a .blend I use the “append or link” in my scene and for some there is not too much problem, just go to the folder object model to import and select the only mesh there. But in other more complex models, there are a lot of meshes and I can not import it so easily.

I thought to do a join (ctrl + j) ​​in the original model file to see if all objets are merged into one and got the unique file object, but no way, is there any other way? How well I can put those models in my scene? Blender says “these objet type doen´t support joining”

The other question is about the textures. Models that I downloaded (COLLADA (. dae)) are textured, but when I import the .blend I lost, almost always, the textures. Those are found in a separate folder (images) of the file I download from the 3d warehouse.


if you’re appending from another .blend file, make sure you grab the mesh from the “Objects” folder when you click to .blend file. (I’m not sure if this is how it works for mac, but i might be the same."

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

The problem is that I have a lot of mesh files in the “object” folder, how can I grab all these files? I thought I should join all these meshes in the original .blend file, but I can´t do that with a ctrl+j, blender says that “these objet type doen´t support joining”

Thanks for anwer.

Group them all then Append or Link the group.

How can I group the files? Sorry I’m a newbie :confused:

Raziel, when you get to the file folder with all your .obj files in it just [shift]-select, or [Ctrl}-select all the separate models you want to append and append them at the same time.

I hope that helps and I got your question right. :slight_smile:

If i append a large number of objects (a large multipart mech for example) will their positions and orientations carry over?

on a side note: i was just wondering, should a join all my objects together into 1 large mech object if i wanted to put it in a large complex scene with animation?