Doubts about clothing and rigging

Hi. So I have a model, I create clothes from the base model. Then is when my doubts start; if the model has a shirt, that I have created from the upper body of the model, as a separate object, what is the best course of action for finishing the model and rig it, should I keep the clothes and base model as separate objects, and delete the geometry of the base model that is not going to be seen? If so, I suppose I have to let some geometry of the base model under the clothes, where the clothes end, to avoid the space between model and clothes be seen in certain angles. And how should I rig it, should I rig the model and clothes separately on the same armature, or should I merge them?

The most foolproof workflow I’ve used is this: wait until the very end, after you’ve finalized the character mesh. Do your rigging and weights and get the thing animating real nice. This includes any corrective shape keys for elbows/knee/shoulders. Then just select the verts for the areas where the clothing would be and duplicate and then alt s (scale on normals a tiny bit.) YOu can make it a separate object (ctrl p, seelction) if you want, although often exported game models are one mesh

add a solidify modifier if you want and boom you’re done, the weighs will all match the underlying mesh and you will not have poke throughs. Give it a new material and ship it. Deleting the skin underneath is up to you, make sure you save a copy somewhere with it as you’ll want to have a copy lying around.

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for the skin underneath the clothing just make a vertex group and use a Mask modifier to hide that group.

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