Down the Shape key Rabbit Hole

I’m setting up some shape keys to animate later. I lost track of where I was and started pushing verts around in an area I wanted to save for another new shape key. Is it possible to select those verticies and tell Blender take them and put them into a new shape key, at the same time… I’d like those same verts them to go back to their default positions.
Does this make sense?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

The first shape key is the ‘default’/‘original’ vertices position. All the other ones serve for modifying their position, every shape key except the first one has the value bar that you can slide left to right in order to change it’s value. If you have some issues that you can’t solve on your own, don’t be shy, just upload you’re .blend file here and I’ll try to fix the problem.

Not shy… just busy at work and no time… ummm… I’ll try to whip up an example… but I guess what I’m getting at is… is there a way to select a group of verts that you edited as part of a shape key… to go back to their defaults.
For example: say I edited all the verts on a model… but I changed my mind and want half of them back to their default positions… can I select those verts and say revert back to original position… based on the Basis Shape key?
Right now, the only option I can see before me is to delete that shape key and start again from scratch.
Thank you,

Ok… in case anyone else out there ever needs to do this.
You have part of a blend shape that you no longer want in there. Go into edit mode and select those verts that you want to restore back to their origional position. Now, at the bottom of the 3D viewport, go into Mesh/Verticies (Ctrl+V), and select “Blend From Shape”.
In the Tool Shelf on the left side of the viewer, at the bottom you’ll see some parameters that you can play with. Make sure you have “Add” checked off, and move the slider to 1. The verticies you had selected will now slide back to their origional places.
Woot woot!