Downgrading to 2.45 on Mac OS X 10.5.4

Hi guys,

I’ve got this annoying bug with background images on my Mac on 2.46 (mentioned a few times in these forums). I know one solution is to downgrade to 2.45, but when I try to launch it, it tries to load the interface then crashes out. Anyone know what might be wrong? Or even better, if you can tell me how to fix the bug in 2.46, that’s be awesome! I almost resorted to installing Ubuntu earlier, but that seems a little extreme for this little bug.

Thanks in advance.


I found a solution for anyone else looking - 2.42. Obviously not ideal as it’s 2 years old, so if anyone’s got any better work-arounds please let me know. Thanks!

I have made a patch ( solving the bug and you can download a trunk build with it from

Let me know if there are any problems with using background images in the build.

thank you david. it works perfectly, even with .movs

Lucasses: “I know one solution is to downgrade to 2.45, but when I try to launch it, it tries to load the interface then crashes out. Anyone know what might be wrong?”

Blender 2.4x crash if you downgrade from 2.46 due to “.B.blend” quite annoy even thourh you install 2.46 in different SUB-dir. One temp solution is to create a small script to launch Blender copy or rename the file cp back to .B.blend back and forth each time.

Lately, you may find which ever old file you open and save in 2.46 and to reopen in older Blender version you will get a message “…data loss trying open olde versio …” something like that.
If you are ready for 2.46 wonderful features don’t turn back !

Thanks davidlandwehr, really appreciate that, but unfortunately it’s still not working for me. The image stays the same size, but it completely disappears when I zoom in. Any idea what could be wrong? Strange that it works for jason7, though.
Thanks again.

Lucases, you are correct I didn’t get the fix entirely correct but close. I found out that there already was a patch for the problem in the blender bugtracker and it uses another gla…call. I don’t know anything about OpenGL so it isn’t all that easy for me (but fun) :wink:

Anyways… at you can try out a build which works.

Awesome - thanks davidlandwehr! Works a treat!

Same backround image problem here. Can´t install the fix or start one of the builds from david. i work on a mbp. maybe because i´m on tiger 10.4.11?

Please help.

Yes, found it out myself. The builds only work with leopard.:wink:

Thanks so much for the patch. Works great

Any idea when this patch will make it into Blender? I’ve tried in vain to find it in the bugtracker (searching stalls).

i think it’s done already? no node-/background-image-trouble anymore here on my leopard MBP with nvidia with blender 2.48 (rc1):

Cheers sebastian! I didn’t realise we were so close to a 2.48 release. Maybe I should keep more up to date with Blender development.

that’s always a good idea! :wink:
happy blending!

Yes! Feels like the old, usable Blender again. And a load of new features too. Case closed!*

*except that Apple have to fix their Leopard graphics drivers sometime…