download help needed

when i downloaded blender 2.49a it said to download python 2.6 (not the most current)
and maybe i already have it

this could be in greek for all i understand it!

This is a final release; we currently support these formats:

Note: Due to an error in the production of the release candidates (2.6.2c1), the release candidates already used the version number of the final release in some places. As a consequence, upgrading the Windows installation from 2.6.2c1 to 2.6.2 (final) will fail. Users of 2.6.2c1 need to uninstall it manually before installing this release.
Note: In the Windows installers, the index of the Windows help files does not work correctly. Users affected by this problem can replace Doc/python262.chm in their installation with the updated release of that file.

Thanks all

I’m guessing that you are on a computer with Windows.
If you have a 32 bit version of Windows, you get the Windows x86 installer. If you have a 64 bit version, you get the AMD64 installer. If you don’t know what you have, it is probably 32 bit.

The first note you can safely ignore (only interesting for cutting-edge users) and the second note isn’t very interesting for you either (unless you want to start learning python yourself).

i don’t have an AMD chip but i do have 64!
blender seems to work without it
so what is the python for?
maybe it is already on the computer!

blender will work without python, some scripts rely on external modules that come with python, so some scripts might not work. the built in blender functions will work fine though.

In fact, no. Python dll needs a msvcrt90.dll that it is not in the Blender 2.49a zipped archive. So you have to install python 2.6, anyway.

The AMD64 install is good for both AMD and non AMD processors which are 64 bit.


thanks all for your help
now if anyone knows about the alpha setings in IPO i have a post somewhere - completely unanswered