do you have to download both installer and archive for bender64?

I am not sure I understand what you are asking but you can use either the installer or the archive to run a 64-bit build of Blender, you don’t need both.

oh ok you answered it for me thank you so much thought I had to download both… Is there an update when it crashes when you hit animation? It will just shut down.

I have never heard of a bug like that, try downloading a recent build from or Blender buildbot and see if the same happens in them. If it still crashes you should post your hardware specs here so we can do some troubleshooting.

Are you using the MinGW64 build? Try using the other windows64 build instead. MinGW is not reliable yet.

Erh… Im using the standard final release of 2.63 win x64 build r45996

EDIT I think the one thing we have in common is were using it from a zip.
today it doesnt work in 2.62 either, renders a greyish gradient but doesnt crash.

What i think i did the other day was got it working in 2.63rc1 which ive since deleted.

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thank you will try it now