Dr. Strange Portal Animation WIP

After watching the film Dr. Strange i felt inspired by the effects in it. Mostly the portal effect, i though that was really cool. I started making it in blender using particle simulations and motion blur to get the streaks. Currently it’s taking 15 mins to render each frame at 1080p resolution, which is too high in my opinion.
I aim to motion track this portal effect onto some live footage. This may make it look less cinematic but still good practice.

Using Photoshop i blended it onto a city scene straight off google leading into a wet alley as a quick test to see how it looks IRL.

Annoyingly, i couldn’t get the light streaks any longer, so it looks more prickly than the actual one from the film. Any comments are greatly appreciated!! :smiley:


This looks really good. You nailed it!


Very good,i like it!

Thanks loads! I rendered a quick animation and its looks alright! I’m happy with where the portal hits the ground but the actual portal itself is too fast i reckon.


Looks really nice!
I’m trying to make this too (works great without a transparent background) but I have a lot of problems when it comes to the composition with a real image (the transparency and the spark colors are a big problem). Can you give me any tips?

Hi Smarty,

Sorry for replying so late - Been a while since visiting here.
You might of solved it already but if you still need any help/tips, if you could post your compositing node set-up I may be able to help :wink:


Nah, np ;D
The problem was that Blender had some problems to show the alpha channel correctly but everything was there so I could use it for compositing and the final image looks right.
But thanks for your help! :smiley:

Oh one question: Did you use two extra emitters on the bottom left and right side where the circle of the portal enters/leaves the ground?