Made this a few months ago, first project finished in Blender. I mainly used Blender as a shading/rendering tool, and to test out Eevee as well as Cycles. Most of the modeling was done in Zbrush, with some tweaking in Blender. Some attempts at re-topology, and some UV’ing, but… if I’m honest about it, it was pretty painful learning so many things at once so, I went back to Zbrush/Maya for the UV’s, and same with the retopo. I didn’t bother with learning the grooming in Blender for this one either, mostly just learning how to move around, controlling the translate/scale/rotate without resorting to a gizmo… camera setup, render settings, lighting (So fun with Eevee!)

Had a great time, and it definitely sparked an interest in Blender and its possibilities.
More renders on my artstation.



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