Draenei shaman

Hey guys! Here is a small project ive been working on. Modeling sculpting rendering and composition were made in blender.
I hope youll like it.

Very good work on this character…Like composition and serious humanoid woman look…

Tauren bite off her arm? She looks good - I would love a more dynamic pose.

Lookin’ great. Proportions of the character are perfect and textures are excellent.

Is it a sculpt only or retopologized and baked lower - res mesh? If so, I would love to see the wireframes. Also, few more views wouldn’t hurt :wink:

Thanks for comments.
About more dynamic pose at first i wanted to make one but after many failed attempts to render one (and to be honest i had many problems with rendering this one :confused: ) i had called it a quit. As for the model - most of the stuff is model by hand and only few details were sculpted (mostly wrinkles and some body details) and baked normals and displaced maps. Final wireframe looks very similar to the one from my wip (diference is mostly in legs and lack of displacement map on) http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/3682/shamanshots.png