Drag & Drop in Ubuntu 10.04 Linux doesn't work


I’m using Blender 2.56 beta r34573 build on my Ubuntu 10.04 64bit system, but the Drag & Drop from Nautilus doesn’t works.
Perhaps other users had this problem and can help me. I don’t know if I’m missing something.
If I start Blender from a Terminal I don’t see any message, so I think all dependencies are ok.
I have tried with and without Compiz enabled, but no changes. Drag & Drop seems always “disabled” or not functioning.

Many thanks for your help.

that is true,
i did not miss it, cause the builtin fileselector with pre-defined directorys
is a nice, quick select-tool.
next, what may be a hint, using blender from the commandline -console-window-
i normaly use it like this to start it with a special blend-file:

/path-to-blender-install-directory/blender -w blender-file-to-open

if you have a search-path for your blender-program
you wont need the full path to it, then its a simple:

blender -w blend-file-to-open

and shure, one can setup that as the default way to open a blend-file.
Then a double-click in the nautilus-browser will start blender with this file.
(but i dont use it, … for me its quicker to call it from the commandline
and i want to be able to lookup the spit-out-messages there - special for
the new revisions …)