Dragging to make split screen???

Uisng Blender 2.6 on Linux Mint 14 64bit.
My problem is this, when i click the upper left diagonal lines to make a split screen.
The object tools panel also gets dragged into the screen/view, or what ever panel is open on the
left, putting it in the middle of the view, which I dont want.

I treid “shift space” but that won’t pull the screen at all, bug??

How do I make a split screen with out dragging the panel as well, I just want another 3d view.

See screen shot.
I dont want the object tools panel in the view.


It duplicates the state of the window you split, either turn off the tool panel before splitting or turn off the tool panel after you have split the view

Drag then press: t n Works like a charm for me…

To hide the tool panel press “t”.