Draggo Fury - Graphics done in Blender


I’m close to finish a platformer game. XNA as an engine.
All the assets were done in Blender. A few models taken from blendswamp.

Please comment both graphics and gameplay.





Nice job - looks cool.

I’d say the dragon needs some work on its animation. And the noise the flames make need a little more realistic imo - think flame-thrower.

The big dude with the club could also be better animated - I’d check out the others too. You have a really nice platformer there; it’s spoilt by those details.

Hi Writer’s Block,

I should have mentioned that the engine is 2D. All animations are sprite -based.
With that approach I’m somewhat limited. You have to think how many images you produce, how biog they are etc. E.g. Id like to have a dragon’s mouth opened when firing. When we walks I’d have to have 2 animations: 1. with mouth shut, 2. with mouth opened - firing. The same when he jumps…

When it comes to sounds - that is the most problematic part of making game. I’m not able to produce them, I rely on what can be found in the net. It’s very time-consuming and hard to achieve :(.

Thanks for the review!.

Yup. I’ve used XNA; march last year I stopped a project to work on better place-holder models than its generic cubes/spheres etc. Well, I’ve got hooked on modelling. :slight_smile: Still not made those models. :slight_smile:

The sounds, well - audacity is great help there, and with a microphone you can have fun recording some, then tweaking 'em in audacity.

EDIT: thought I might still have the link - try this http://www.findsounds.com/types.html

Couple fireballs there - not sure what they sound like though, or restrictions on their use.


Here is a playable demo: https://www.box.com/s/e2t4q9hoq1skz6bcpgxu


I finally have finished the game development. Here is the trailer, also done in the blender: