Dragon 1.0

Hello all this is my dragon working progress do you like?


i do like it but it is somewhat boxy. i would suggest modeling your base mesh with the subsurface modifier turned on, and keeping polys low at first.

I think you should look up information on how to introduce some proper topology for that guy, it looks like a steamroller went over his head and over other areas and the tail almost looks chiseled.

I would also rework the horns, as it’s generally not a good idea to just pull a vertex up a ways, a better way to do is to create some simple circular topology on the two spots on the head and extrude the center face to a point.

I do understand though if you’re new to Blender, as going into organic modeling right away can be a very tricky thing if you don’t yet have much modeling skill, but it’s recommended you find all of the modeling information you can and use that knowledge to improve on the model.

it’s looking better. especially the tail. i agree with acedragon about the head being too flat. you could hit it with the sculpt brush if you are so inclined.

I, for one, like the broad head, but the model begs for a pass sculpt tools imho, it’s a very good base for sculpting. It’s nicely balanced, especially since you modified the feet, has a nice pose, the mass/volume are nicely detailed.

If you have problems pushing this further, I’d suggest trying to do it over as a separate model one or two times, then getting them together in one file to compare. With difficult stuff, I do two or three models, superimpose them over each other (same scale and location) and use sculpt tools to pick through details I want to keep from each (pushing them under surface of the other models). Then I retopo the result.