Dragon animation with blender.

Hi all.

I want to share with you my last work with blender.

The main model and the animation are 100% made with blender. Textures and low details with Substance painter and zbrush.

Thanks for watching

Great work on the shading and lighting aspect, very realistic. The modeling looks good too.

Most of the animation was good as well, but the tongue seemed to be a bit static and detracted from the overall quality (as if there was no rigging done). That was really the only notable flaw, even a little bit of movement would help a bit.

Hi Jhlocke

This is really rather superb. Wonderful dragon you got there. Well done.

So great to see quality creature work in Blender too.

This guy deserves some more scenes surely ? Would be so great to see it do a bit more.
It looks a pretty solid rig from the pictures and video and the mesh topology is good.
Perhaps walking or flying ?

All the best. Really great work.