Dragon Champion (From Tequatl's Concept Art)


I’ve been working on a few dragons inspired from the game Guild Wars 2. This one is made from an alternate concept art of a dragon called Tequatl the sunless. I made this using dyntopology, then decimating the mesh, and baking the high-poly (1 million polygones per piece) on top of the decimated version. The full scene has 90,000 tris. I have added a few noise generators as bump maps for a rough-looking surface. There are no textures added yet. Feedback would be much appreciated if you have any!


Right now, he looks a bit more like he’s made of stone rather than flesh (there’s no definable scale pattern anywhere and the material is the same everywhere).

The wings also look a bit stiff at the moment, they need to show at least some flexibility if they are able to get the Dragon off the ground.