Dragon creature

Hi all,

I have started sculpting a dragon creature. Here is the sculpt base. Critiques welcome.

Happy Blending!

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After sometime, i have created some major skin details.

Here are the final sculpt screenshots

After this, planning to move on with RETOPO. I know it is time consuming. I will update retopo progress in coming days.

Here is the completed snaps of the retopo…It’s really a painful…took some days and nights to understand the retopo.

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Oft, I remember modeling a creature with wings and having a “fun” time with it lol

Have you looked at the dragon from Blender’s ‘Sintel’ to see how that dragon is modeled? I don’t think you need an account to download the model :smiley: Good luck on your retopo process!

Hey Adrienne,
Nice that you model a creature…you can share if you want. Yeah i have seen the sintel dragon. Also i have bunch of dragon models which i tried to create that giving me idea of creating a new one. Also i have collected references from movies and other 3D artists. Hope i will finish the model and move on to detailing.
Share your ideas!
Happy Blending!

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