Dragon/Dino Rider

Inspired by RKs Dragonbane and a drawing i did, i created this dragon / dino creature. Im planning on also making saddle and rider for it, but at mo focused really on getting the model finished. Alot of the bumps in the mesh is where im planning to texture scars etc. Any crits welcomed. Thanks.


interesting mesh

i really like it…cant wait to see it done

the front arms are to far forward.
other than that looks good.
I can almost hear that one dragon guy saying hed love to be chewed up by it or what ever he always says.

Yeah, I’m fixing the arms at moment. Please dont curse my thread with CD ha

Well he wouldn’t be able to devour me very good with arms like that.

I’m not a huge fan of the arms but the rest of the mesh is good, are you going to add wings?

No CD i will not be adding wings, as the saddle will be going over/slightly behind the hind legs and so there will be no room for wings.

Looks not bad. Two things I see.

First the feet are too small. Currently this creature gives me the impression of being strong ( muscular ). This means also heavy ( not necessarily a slowpoke ) sort of Gojira like. There larger feet give a creature more strength.

The second one are the upper arms. For some reason they look out of proportion with the rest of the mesh. I would reduce the muscles there and reduce them in size. Dinosaurs with upright stance tend to have small forelimbs to balance the entire animal.

Besides that it looks interesting. Definitely a different kind of creature than the majority of recent entries in that department. :smiley:

Half way through my january modular exams for AS Level so progress is slow but i’ve made the changes suggested by scaling down the arms and enlarging the feet. I’ve also tidied up the mesh in a few places and removed the “shoulder” from the arm. Any C+C please.


I would still scale the arms down more. He still has a ( literally ) hang-over there. What’s going on with his mouth by the way? Is it all flat? Looks like there’s no volume to it ( or maybe a truck run over his jaw? :smiley: )

Better now? I’ve also rotated the hands around because they look better this way methinks


Now it’s getting closer to a dinosaur… Gojira is greeting thumbs-up