Dragon egg required.

Hello guys , im working on a game project and getting to grips with blender. I am currently working on a dragon model for my game and require a dragon egg with various animations if possible. I have included a few pictures i have found on the web of possible egg shapes i feel look good for the job and as regards to texture a nice white reptile looking egg shell would do nicely.

Here comes the tricky part. the eggs themselves will need to have various animations. These would include , giving of a slight glow especially in dark lit areas with the shadow of a dragon embryo faintly seen moving inside, also in the game i am aiming to allow the eggs to be stealable from dragon nest and interactable with the dragons , moving them etc and if dropped and broken depending on the amount of game time they have spent being cared for by the dragon will vary the breaking animations,

egg breaks near being laid = egg yolk and albumen spills out

egg breaks halfway through development game time = a mixed mess of the above and blood and a dragon embryo spills out.

I am hopeing to have the eggs in the game turn into player spawn slots once they reach the end of the game time set for game egg incubation , then i would need a hatching animation for the players to set off when they spawn into the egg. This is where my dragon model would come in , once i have finished it and tried to texture it then i can provide the person doing the eggs with my dragon blend file so he /she can resize it and turn it into a more convincing dragon hatchling.

Now regarding payment , this needs discussing as i am hoping somone would be kind enougth to volunteer but i understand time and work is money afterall.

Hope to hear of somone here



Ps. im not sure if this matters for the model but the game will be built with the unity game engine : )

Hey guys , is there no one who could help ?



I can do the texturing. The only flip side is that I’m only good in Cycles.

Hello Swaschan , thank you very much for the offer mate , unfortiantly untill the model egg is done there is nothing to texture. I have looked all over the web to see if i can do this model myself but have not seen anything to help and wouldent know where to start.

Really hope theres somone on here that could help with the modeling and animations : )

will the eggs crack open? if not you just use a cylinder or a sphere. set all the faces 2 sided and then get a egg texture "smart unwrap or uv unwrap from view, go in the textures (round button and then apply them there. If it does crack and there is a dragon inside there it is a bit more involved but not much. i would post an example but I am at college and my computer is a hp mini with a limited graphics card.

Hello Moviemake cheers for the reply, yes the eggs do need to crack, should they get damaged in the game they need to break open spilling the contents.

so the egg is a heath item? ok…yeah, that should be easy. ok, umm, i can’t do anything now but i will maybe do an egg when i get done with college today. you will have a egg that is already cracked but is put together so you don’t know that. but when the player hits it the egg will play the animation.

Yes the egg is sort of a health item , the idea is dragon players have to protect them for a short time then after awhile they become spawn slots for players to spawn into game as dragons , but the enemy side can steal or destroy the eggs.

your help is extremly appreciated : )

I almost have your egg done. I am assuming that you will need it in BI instead of cycles since you are using it in BGE. I will post it for you later today in Blendswap

Hello Glassdog , thank you , regarding the egg model , the idea was to use blender for modeling/animations and then unity as the game engine as i have become accustomed to it more then blenders.

sorry Adam, My egg looks like crap. I got it to glow ok and the embryo moves around it inside ok. But I kinda lost it when it came to texturing. I need a few days. Other paying work came up.
The egg is made of of 3 shells, the first one is the glow
the second is the hard shell and the third is the embryo
They are all controlled by the lattice.
Rotate the inner shell (or embryo) to get the movement.
I hope is is of some use for you.

Turn the transparency up and down to see the different layers


egg1.zip (87.3 KB)

Hello Mate , the egg looks great , love the shape its spot on , the only thing is i couldent seem to get the embryo moving inside the egg with a faint glow comming out of it. If you want to spend more time on it feel free mr as it isnt needed urgently.



No problem Adam, I will continue to work on it.

Thank you mate thats fantastic , really appreciate it.