Dragon Head (Fisrt attempt at anything organic)

This is my first attempt to make anything organic. I’v always liked dragons so thats what I made. Any comments are welcome, please crit this one a lot and give it suggestions, beacuase I really need to learn to model somthing more interesting that robots. Who knows, maybe I’ll progress to people somday.


It… doesn’t look very organic, per sé…

You need to do something about the squareness of it.
Also the rims around the spines on its head make it look very mechanical.
The space above the eye isn’t worth it, and the teeth seem too randomly sized.

Overall, if you were looking to make a robot dragon, you’ve done a good job…

Big creature like that needs a bigger eye. :slight_smile:

It’s too square and needs more detail.

ok, i think if your going to make the head that long, make it a little bulkier, and the teeth are too small for a dragon. the horns should be organized a little better, and as previously stated the eyes need to be a bit bigger.

sry for the harsh crit, but it looks more like a dinosaur than a dragon, and as a dragon lover i just wont have it :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing wrong with the horns; have you ever seen a Bearded Dragon? I don’t thing the head is ‘too’ square, the mouth is just too long and flat. Dragons tend to have angular heads, and this one does.

Also, the front teeth are too short, but the back and middle teeth are just right. Although, it doesn’t need to have long front teeth if you don’t want it to.

One last thing, I think it needs more skin, i.e. flabbiness and wrinkles. You could add these under the eyes. Speaking of which, the eyebrow should be nice and thick.

It’s a good attempt at your first organic model though, keep practising.

actually…this dragon reminds me of the illustrations favored by school text books these days. Very flat looking, with no personality. Therefore, it won’t offend anyone:D

If that’s the sort of thing you want, go with it.

I think what’s interesting is that the dragon’s head looks like it’s slightly turned, but the actual face of the dragon looks very flat. I say get a better angle, definitely work on lighting, and add more details like the others said (i.e. pronounced nostril, wrinkles/folds.) Nice use of texture but i think you could work on that a little bit more too.