Dragon Head

I’ve been working on this dragon head. Still far from done, but I’m pretty happy with it so far, especially since I’m a part-time noob at this. Any ideas/ thoughts? Thanks in advance.


A decent start, the horns on the sides are quite large, but I like it so far.

I’d say the jaw need a little work. I think it should come to more of a point in front, not be quite so rounded off. More snake than dog. The rest looks good. Are you going to build the whole dragon?

Yeah, planning on the whole thing, as time allows. I understand what you mean about the dog. It was worse than this before I tweeked it. I’ll do more work on it. Thanks.

Definitely get the horns on the side smaller. It somehow disturbs the flow of the model ( too heavy compared to the rest ). At the side of the mouth ankle there’s something strange too ( a fold pops out there ). Otherwise it doesn’t matter if the snout is pointy, round or flat. This only depends on what kind of dragon you want to make.