Dragon Head

Hello to you all because im new here =)
I started with blender a week ago and i already made my first model.
And i wanted to show it to you.
Here is it :
And i wanted to ask what can i do to improve it?
And how do you make an good realism render?
Like you see on some other scene’s on this forum.
I mean how do you setup the lightning and such to create such a nice effect.
And can you give as much as feedback as possible for this model ?
Thank you very much for reading.

It looks like a really good start! I would check out this if you haven’t already, I think there are lighting and setup tutorials there. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro

Thanks =)
And also thanks for the link it was very helpfull for me.

Very nice beginning :yes:. As you’ve noticed, there’s a lot to learn about Blender. A couple of my favorite sources are BlenderArt Magazine and Blender Summer of Documentation (BSoD).

The best BSoD tutorial for beginners is, hands down, Ryan Dales Introduction to Character Animation. The second best, not because it’s lesser quality, but it’s more of a stretch for beginners, is Colin Litster’s Introduction to Materials and Procedural Texturing. Colin is the Dean of Procedural Texturing. I really prefer the tutorials on his website to the BSoD tutorial, there’s more there, and it’s more accessible to beginners.

Have fun, and Welcome to BlenderArtists.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I bookmarked the tutorial page its very neat and easy to do :smiley:
But does someone know how i can texture it? with only basic colors?
I mean if i select the head itself and make it green and if i select the sections of the fins and make them another color is that possible?

Yes, it can be done. You place multiple materialson the mesh, and make each material whatever color you want. You can have up to sixteen different materials on a single mesh.

Good start, note, read modeling tutorials and learn good topology.

I see the word Dragon and I get the urge to post:D

Thank you i updated the first post with an new render =)

Cyborg Dragon:
I found some usefull tutorials wich i will surely use.

I see the word Dragon and I get the urge to post:D

Ha ha i understand why :stuck_out_tongue: who doesnt love dragons?

Maybe not. There is love of dragons. Then there is obsession with dragons. Then there is fanaticism about dragons. And then there is Cyborg Dragon.

Back on topic: Nice texturing on the fins. You’ve captured a leathery look there.

At some point, you’ll probably want to open his mouth to model teeth, tongue, and so on. Some tools that come in handy for working on inside cavities of a model are Hide Vertices (type h to hide selected vertices, Shift+h to hide unselected vertices, alt+h to show everything again) and View Slice (type alt+b and draw a box around the area you’re interested in seeing, everything else disappears until you type alt+b again to bring everything back.)

Sorry i accidently pressed POST twice.

Tanks :cool:
But how can i open his mouth?
Because everything is moddelled as you see it in the render.
There is no inner part made.
Just seperate the lower jaw from the upper one and rotate them so it all fits?
And thanks for the usefull tips ill try them out tomorrow =)

Orinoco’s right on the thing about Dragons, you’ll probably find out later, but in reality I actually am a Dragon (as in I have the soul of one)

Look up the term ‘Otherkin Dragon’ if you’re interested.