dragon head

I tried to make a dragon head. A lot of work is still needed for the head but this is just the basics of it. I have never really used UV textures but i know it is needed for this. I tried to do it without UV’s but it does not look right(one of the pictures below is without UV mapping it). I have looked at a few tutorials and i understand the basics of UV mapping but i am still confused on where to unwrap for a mesh like this. If someone could explain to me on how to UV map this mesh, it would be great. Also i need some criticism on the mesh in general.


dragonattemptwithwithsubsurftextures.blend (639 KB)

Here’s a hint, try using node materials and SSS for materials for your Dragon, with nodes you can blend materials together to create something a bit more convincing.

The head could get wider as you go towards the back like many reptile heads do, plus you’d really want to define the shape of the inner mouth area like when you start modeling in the tongue.

Thanks! That actually helps a lot, i will start working on it. For the nodes, what kind of nodes do you think i should use?(i have never really used nodes before) But what about the texture?

Also, for SSS, how should i customize it to fit this texture?

I am using SSS although i am still confused about the nodes and i kept the texture. For someone reason when SSS is on, the render becomes very dark, anyone know why this is happening?

I began to try and do the body although i have run into many problems. I extruded the neck out multiple times and began to establish a body. For some reason it just looks very awkward, the shape. It could be due to lack of the rest of the body or it is just bad in general. Also, i tried extruding out arms and legs for the dragon but it just looks very weird and cannot get a good shape. If someone could help me begin the process or direct me on how to do it, that would be great.


dragonattemptwithwithsubsurftexturesmouth.blend (684 KB)

I can tell you off the bat that when you have SSS on you need to have the translucency value in the material above 0, the higher the value, the brighter the object, it goes pretty much hand in hand with the SSS feature.

I will get to the body a little later, have not had a lot of time lately to do any. I want to focus on the nodes now. I just don’t know what kind of nodes i should use…

I started the body because i just could not figure out the nodes well and which one too apply. Although the body just looks hideous. I tried to extrude the arms out and for some reason it just looks very awkward. I am not sure if it is the position, how i am extruding it, or what.


dragonattemptwithwithsubsurftexturesmouthprob.blend (687 KB)

It looks like the arms need to start further up. (Think of the shoulders)

But look at the arms, the edgeloops are very slanted. It’s a mistake I usually make too, not being forceful enough with the polygons and the model ends up controlling the artist instead! If you add one or two edgeloops at the top of the arm and do the slanted bit there, it sets your arm free and you become boss again!