Dragon head

A dragon head I have bean working on lately.

Hehe… a cutie :P. You might want to move the nostrils a bit more to the side and down. Looks now like he has only one on the tip of the snout.

Ohh, nice one here, just needs ears!

He looks like a really friendly Dragon, good start on this.

You may want to model like a small base (bump) for the horns though, not real big, just showing the horns more of emerging from the head and thus looking less ‘glued’ on.

add some teeth sticking out, dont open his mouth but just have him have a bit of an overbite

Quick update:

BTW: What is the hotkey for placing the active camera at current view in the viewport?

ctrl + alt + 0

I think the dragon needs some fangs protruding from the sides of his mouth and possibly a bit more curve on the horns?

It’s looks to be quite a good model so far! Good work!

Can’t see much of the teeth right now because his mouth is mostly closed but I await seeing what’s done once you model the inside of the mouth, gums, and the tongue.

Looking closer the front teeth look nice and pointy though, not sure about the flat ones behind those though, it’s almost like someone grafted the molars of a herbivore into a Dragon’s mouth.

About those teeth, it really is molars. I guess I have to blame this image for that.

I started working on a rig for the head:

Just know that Dragons can come in quite a variety, as in after you seperate the major Western and Eastern Dragon types, there’s plenty of possible trait variety to be found yet,

What I mean by trait variety is various sub-features like horn-count, horn position, nose shape, crest shape, muzzle length ect… similar to the large trait variety you see with the 200+ domestic dog breeds only with Dragons there’s likely even more traits that could have variation.

Will you finally stop with that crap CD? You have not even REMOTELY an idea about dragons so don’t come blasting in here throwing around fictive numbers about your imaginary breeds and what not else. Really goes on my nerves. Whoever doesn’t even know that eastern dragons are not real dragons doesn’t deserve to honk crap around like this. Geez!

Besides a dragon with plant eater teeth is something different. I’d like to see where this one is heading. Just stay clear of spline-bones. They are hard to control. Better do some proper weight painting. Much better results.

And who appointed you to be the world’s foremost expert on Dragons anyway?

If everyone strictly followed your ‘extensive knowledge’ of Dragons nearly all Dragon models here would look similar to your Dragon model with no attempt at variety or trait variation.

Besides, have you actually seen a live Dragon in real-life (in a Dragon body)?

What you say sounds like you want Cent to feel restricted on what he wants his Dragon to become, he should be able to make quite a variety of Dragon models while remaining true to plausible animal design, I think you’re in the wrong if you think your crits. are the only ones that mattered and the only ones that should be considered, squishing creativity and attempts at variety and suppressing and forcing out nearly everyone else’s ideas of what he should do.

Guys please stop flaming each other. It is my dragon and I decides how it should be.

anyway I continued on the rig:

It need a lot of work on the weight paint though

You’re a fucking moron do you know this? You turn truth around by 180° you sucker. But let’s show some evidence shall we?

Quotes from CD:

it’s almost like someone grafted the molars of a herbivore into a Dragon’s mouth

Just know that Dragons can come in quite a variety …
Oh uh… CD is on the run. Cent dared to put herbivore teeth into a dragons mouth! Preposterous!

Now to my quote:

Besides a dragon with plant eater teeth is something different. I’d like to see where this one is heading.
Ah… I’m accepting a variation as something interesting and encouraging him to continue on this route instead of telling him his idea sucks as you did.

And now you come telling how I am against what he’s doing and how you are for variation but instead it’s the exact opposite. So stop with this shit right here right now. What you pulled off right now is the lowest of the low. Grow up and get a fucking life damn it.

Here I am trying to post my model of a dragon head only to be run over by you two arguing who is the best critic my work. I can only say one thing:

and I mean both of you.

Another view of my rig:

concept drawings (released in public domain):

C&C are welcome, Flame wars however is NOT

very nice rigging and topology. i would really like to see the rest of the model if you decide to take it further.

‘Just know that Dragons can come in quite a variety’ hehehe they can come in any shape or form…they are a mythical creature, as not real…like leprechaun lol but with more teeth (or not, who knows aye :eyebrowlift:)

and please dont turn this guys thread into another dragon argument…it was funy at first, but i mean cmon…

keep up the good work

edit just had another look at the rig pic, maybe add some more geometry in the neck area for smoother deformations.

thats nice i love dragons
cant wait to see it with scale’s

Simple animation test of my rig.

My fist animation with my first rig

one can only truly realize how bad a rig is by animating it…

That is a very good rig IMO(judging by the animation,but if you don’t feel comfortable with it,i suggest you should do it again.I remember how much my first rig sucked,but I improve every time I do one)!Will you model the whole body?
The model is cool too,so keep it up!

Maybe, my roadmap is a bit unclear about that:
1 model the head
2 rig the head
3 find a way to rig scales
4 materials
5 create the rest of the dragon?

Me too.

BTW: I’ll be away from my comp till August 2. :frowning: