Dragon Head

Here is a dragon head I am working on. I started a bit of detail modeling on the back of it. Just ask and ill show a render of that as wel.


wow! this is looking good :slight_smile: change the background and use some AO for better presentation tho.

I’m guessing that it’s sculpted by the appearence of the lines. It looks really good, better than I could do.

Thanks for the comments. Here is a render with AO and some materials. I tryed uv mapping but decided to use basic materials.


Some of the teeth seem to be curving to the side or fowards, if he’s trying to eat a large animal for instance it may work against him.

I will fix it and post it on.

Trust the dragon to set you straight boy !

I rotated the teeth and adjusted the AO settings, and moved the tongue a bit.


That looks a lot more like he will be able to hold on to whatever he catches I think. maybe give him slightly larger eyes.

I think the eyes he has now are sort of beady and more evil looking.