Dragon Head

Im still a noob at Blender, but I’m doing my absolute best. i decided to make the head of a dragon. How is it???


for a noob… pretty good. however. might i suggest using the sculpt tool to make the head look more lifelike as it is quite harsh. and try to get some subtle lighting in there…

here is a good preset… use an area lamp with a size of 4, and samples set to 8. that should give you some nice soft shadows… and correct me if im wrong, but did u use “set-smooth”?

Looks like a friendly dragon.

From the front view, It loooks alot scarier, in ortho.

Yes, I used a subsurf of 2, mirrioing, and smooth.

This video is for you : http://vimeo.com/8609001
It explains how to add scales using the sculpt tools in the 2.5 alpha.

So instead of using subsurf modifier, uses a ‘multi-res’ modifier, divide a couple times and start sculpting.

You working on a body?

For someone who’s fairly new to making creatures this is a pretty good start.

Obviously could use a lot of enhancement in the materials, lighting, and also the modeling but better than many others who have just started using Blender.