Dragon hilt

Hi there. I tried to make photorealistic image of medieval weapon. It tooks me about three days.
Render - cycles 12 minutes
Polycount about 10k tris


I tried to make photorealistic image of medieval weapon.

I think you succeeded… I thought you were showing a 3d print at first. Awesome!

Thank you Toshi!

I like your dragon hilt!

Hi yarpen, a fantastic simulation. Very nice and subtle handle and blade materials, as well as background fabrics.
Also very nice camera framing and precise DOF, almost hard to believe it is not a film shot.

Thank you Tim

Thank you a lot for nice comment!

That hilt is amazing and so is to cloth. Seriously great work.
However to me the guard, the handle and the blade seem quite fake. I am not sure why and granted I don’t know squat about swords, but the handle just feels so unbelievably clean and without any handprints like it was never wielded in battle and the rest, maybe something is wrong with the glossiness? I am not sure.
Anyway in no way do I want to put down your amazing work, I just felt that with some minor improvements it could be outstanding!

Hi Adam, thank you for comment. I you take this sword as a museum exponat which is cleaned by someone, i think it can missed some dirt. But you are right that the glossines on pommel and blade is little bit higher. Here is glossines map


Your weapon art is amazing. At a glance I thought that its a wall art hanging and then I thought that you have fixed an art in your thumb. but after deep views I got that you have made and amazing n eye catching art for weapon .