Dragon Lady of the Swamp

Third artwork, if you can call it that, which I’ve made so far (actually 4th, but didn’t post previous one). I was looking forward to making this for a while, but now that I’m finishing it, it’s really depressing. If it would look as good as the effort that was put into it, I’d be happy. :no:
I don’t know if you ever got to that point where you kinda like your render but you see it sucks, yet at the same time it’s not that bad where you just give up on it. :frowning: I just want this to look better, and I’ve exhausted myself in the process…

 <b>If you have any idea how I could improve it, any suggestions, or advice I would be really grateful. Like really, I'm begging. Please.</b>

High Res: http://open3d.net/Dragon-Lady-of-the-Swamp.php

Very good athmosphere… I really like it! My first thoughts: The dragons texture could be more organic. It seems good, but it looked like little bit rock texture to me… Maybe you can whiten his teeth, but this also looks good. And the second thing, I think, the dragons body should be appear. Try to show his wings or arms, it makes the expression more powerful. His wings over the forest or his right hand closer to her cheek… And you should improve the dragons lightling like the girls. The right side on his face should be more brighter.

But overall you’re doing a great job and the idea is great too… Hope you can improve it.


The picture looks really nice, far better than anything I could accomplish, but since you asked about it a couple things stand out to me.

First is the title of the piece. It looks more like a forest to me than a swamp. It may seem like a non issue but I entered the thread expecting murky, reed filled waters with exposed root cypress trees. I got a nice lovely forest with a fallen tree over a clear stream.

Next is the tree on the right. Is it growing at an angle or is the dragon knocking it over. In the first case the it would have eventually straightened up giving it a curved trunk, in the second case there would be broken branches and deformations in the leaves etc.

mrm mentioned not seeing the body. I can see the neck but it blurs out to soon. It looks like part of the back drop and gives the appearance of a floating face.

Overall a really nice piece though. Would make a good poster.

Thank you for the advice. And as for the swamp/ forest issue, you’re right. It’s just that the piece has always been evolving, so I wanted more contrast between the environment and characters. Lively environment, dead scary character and then the girl.

And the tree is supposed to be breaking, so I’ll get not that lol.

Again, thanks a lot!

Thanks, you’re really right with the dragons texture. I’ve tried making it more slimy, only that the light affected the rest of the scene, which made it look bad. And I’ll get on his lighting too. As for the model, I initially wanted it like this only, as I saw some other artwork, and it made it seem massive. As the rest of the body would be far in the distance. As you mention though, not the case here.

That log!!! Oh my goodness it’s amazing! The dragon (as everyone else has said) is main let down :confused: It looks sorta as if you have smoke coming out of his mouth or something so that the dragon’s skin is very diffused in its reflections. Also the tree house is made up of reeeeaaally large building materials. Or maybe the tree house isn’t needed since she’s the lady of the lake…Hope this helps.