dragon mech (yeah i'm still making it)

(stukkm) #1

sorry i don’t mean to spam the elysiun forum but i just wanted to make sure people didn’t think my dragon mech entry was dead or something. i thought i’d start a new thread for it so people wouldn’t think that the old one is just old posts and nothing new. if anyone thinks i just delete this thread and just use the old one then i will, but anyway:


(Ecks) #2

the fire is awesome but the smoke dont fit there…(sorry to tell you this)
try reducing alpha and it will look better! The moon is BETTER than the old one! :wink: Keep up the good work!

(stukkm) #3

thanks x-warrior. i’m thinking of getting rid of the whole scene and just work on textures and better lighting on the actual dragon. i don’t know what i was thinking wasting all this time on stupid background stuff…