Dragon Mech


I posted the lower legs and torso of this thing a few months back, but never got around to finishing the model till recently. As it stands I am on the texturing pase of the whole thing.

Wow the tron! Suweet!! This is going to be a monster once it’s textured (not that it isn’t a monster already ;)).



Seems more pheonix than dragon in my opinion, but nice non the less.

Looks very gundam…which isn’t a bad thing at all. Very good detailed work.
Crit: The feet look just a little small. The upper body seems disproportionately small compared to the legs. I think it’s because it looks as though it has no “stomach section.” Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be though.
Question: Why does it look shaded odd?

The legs are supposed to be disproportionately large, that’s just my style. I am going to enlarge the feet a bit too, because i do realize how little they are compared to the gigantic legs.

Also, the shading is kinda weird because I didnt really tweak my lamps or anything, it is just a bunch of spotlights dupliverted onto an inverted icosphere. With a low shadow buffer this creates those weird lines on the solid faces and stuff.

way cool “stoned” transformer

Which shader are you using?

I hope you give more colors to the mech, since it looks pretty basic right now (I’m not talking about your excellent modeling).