dragon need critique


I already made a thread some time ago in the WIP section but somehow my account and thread got deleted (i don’t know why because as far as I know I didn’t do anything wrong)
But i’m back and instead of reposting my thread in the WIP section I am going to post it here because i felt like i didn’t get enough critics there or they were afraid to give critics but don’t worry to give some hard critics i’m not sensitive.
some pics:

the whole body

the head

now something i am not happy with: the feet
i just don’t know how to model them, this is probably the third time i’ve made the feet :s any tips on improving/remaking them?

I feel like this circled area should be more muscular but how to make it look more muscular without sculpting (because i am very bad at sculpting)

and as a last question:
How to add the membrane of the wings? because i have at the head also some kind of membrane but I will have to remake it because it has not thickness and it is messing with my normals :s and this time I want to do it right so I don’t have to remake it.

Comments and critics are welcome

The back and around the hind legs looks a little too skinny in my opinion, but other than that this looks great! I can’t wait to see the final,rendered version.

Well, I’m new to Blender, so I don’t know much about the technical aspect, the main problem I see with the feet is that the thumbs should be on the inside, facing each other, but overall I really like the dragon!:smiley:

The problem with the normals could probably be fixed by selecting all and pressing Ctrl N. The feet look fine to me, other than the fact
that the toes are too far apart. The membrane on the wings can be done either by adding a plane and matching it up or by extruding a single edge loop on the wing. Kind of hard to explain, easier to just do. There’s a tutorial on Youtube somewhere on how to make dragon wings, just search “Dragon wing in Blender 3d” and you should get it. You can mess around with the verts around the base of the wings a bit to try to get the effect you want (Save it first, though). Hope this helps!

Without a thickness, changing the direction of the normals will just move the shading error associated with inconsistent normals.

You would probably need to create a couple of edgeloops around the edges where the membrane would be, delete the new faces between the new loops, and create new faces bridging the edges, doing it for each edge.

You would finally fill in the edge of the membrane area and merge in the new loops with the rest of the topology, you can use the looptools addon bundled with Blender to help you with the bridging.

As for the muscles, you would need some extra edgeloops to help create a defined muscle structure if you’re not going to use sculpting, also, the nails on the toes seem to have too much resemblance to a human’s as of now, usually I would think of Dragons having claws like that of existing reptiles, which could be the nail being a bit rounder and coming right out of the end with little overlap onto the digit.

hey all thanks for the comments

you are right, i didn’t even think about that.

for the muscles i have tried and it just doesn’t turn out the way i want it to, I guess i’ll have a shot at sculpting;)
For the feet i have made them again, i like them more now but i’m not sure. what do you guys think?

new feet:

ps: i just noticed something wrent wrong with two pics at the top but i guess it’s not that annoying :wink:

One thing that might help modelling the feet an legs with the mussels is looking at similar animals that exist an use it as a reference. e.g. Look at a dogs foot and model of it. Image may help!


The Head modelling is amassing and the wings look great. The thing i would work on now is the Mussels and veins in the wing an Neck!

Hey, One tip on working on mussels that for you may also apply for the feet is look at existing animals an use it as a base for your modelling. For example, feet on your dragon may be similar to a dogs paw such as this one. http://www.hsu.edu/uploadedImages/bachelors_degree/majors/Bachelor_of_Science/Biology/Nature_Trivia/Animals/Mammals/Adaptations_of_Bones_in_the_Mammalian_Foot/live%20dog%20foot%20blackback.jpg
This can also be useful when sculpting.
Hope it Helps out! :smiley:

looking good, but his thumbs are on the wrong sides of his hands. switch the right hand with the left hand.

Thanks for the comments and yea i am aware now that the thumbs are on the oposite side (facepalm) but i’m going to remake them too so it doesnt matter.

Does a creature that walks on 4legs even need thumbs?

just a quick post.
i have done the same thing i did with the back feet to the front feet but i still hate them :s, in the final render I’ll just cover the feet in grass ^^

I’m going to finish these scales I’m working on right now then the mouth and then the part that I don’t like doing is giving the other membrane a thickness (it’s so dense there). Then i’m going to call the modelling done and going to start trying to sculpt (if it doesn’t work out i’m going to leave it the way it is I think) then texturing, rigging and final scene (still a long way to go, already have a scene in my mind :D)
only one problem, i have no idea how to do the transition between the scales and the normal hide

quick pic:

Here is the good image on lizard feet; scales and all! Model it like that.

Do you mean that i should make all small scales instead of big ones?
And do you mean that i need to cover the whole body with scales or just the place i want?

No the feet geometry. Here is my quick build. I went from fingers up to hand and to arm. Some times building from finger up is the way to go.


Oh thanks, i will try to model it friday.
Sorry that i didnt understand it.