(LoonieToon) #1

Holy long time no see blenderartists, been years since I have posted on here! Everything has changed so much (for the better). Anyways I recently started a sculpt for a friend:

(I just added a pointiness node setup to see the details nothing final)

(made a lowpoly version with baked normal/diffuse maps just for fun)

This has all been made inside of blender with sculpting/node setups. I plan to 3D print this bad boy at some point on my resin printer so he can use it for DnD. Mostly just want some feedback figured I would share a bit. I plan to work on this slowly so its nothing to be rushed.

Suggestions appreciated! Thanks

(sleeper g) #2

Nice detailing & very original. I’m a DnD enthusist & have yet to com across anything like this. Awesome.

(LoonieToon) #3

Thanks man, nothing I like hearing more then its original!

(sleeper g) #4

You did that.

(LoonieToon) #5

Found some time to start mostly the upper body and recently got zbrush so I’m using this model as practice to learn the program.


Full body:

It is supposed to be my version of dragon ogre shaggoth hence the dragon bottom half (very rough kinda has chicken legs right now haha)

lemme know what you guys think! Thanks