Dragon Rapide

Here it is, a little passenger biplane.

I plan to make a scene for it later, this aircraft deserves it.

http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/8954/dh89final01by9.th.jpghttp://img262.imageshack.us/img262/5954/dh89final02hg0.th.jpg http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/2186/dh89final03gc9.th.jpg

The metal material looks smart… Tell me about it if you dont mind revealing your secrets. Just geral info. like are those… “punches” in it bummap or?

Only bumpmap (which isn’t hard to produce), modelling those details would need powerful machine and more importantly, a great deal of time. I should have modelled more details, but it looks good as is I think.

I think its pretty good. I only would like to see some dirt / grease / oil on the engines… but… oh well its just me.

Well, about the oil, I was thinking very hard about it, but there isn’t any on pictures. It’s the same as with vintage cars, there are usually in better condition and cleaner than say, 8 years old ones. The owners care of their precious aircraft and vehicles…

Yeah… Well as i said… its just matter of artistic style. Some want to dirt up their models… others like em squeky clean.

I wanted also some dirt, but dirty model in studio scene? That’s weird, maybe I’ll put some dirt and weathering later, on some detailed, or photo background it looks less distracting than clean metal. I don’t know how is this connected to artistic style, it’s about capturing reality, and real aircraft is clean. But dirt would make it interesting, that’s true, but then, some background is needed.

this is sweet…there should be more posts though…grrrrr :smiley:

Cyborg Dragon will be disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue: It looks brilliant, btw. I don’t honestly think it needs to oil/weathered look.

This is very nicely done! I would love to see it “flying”.

A beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft. Well done.

ya put it in a convoy :D… I’m here to convice you to do more work =D

good model, but needs a better env setup.

Very nice model. The texturing looks great too. Now only thing this needs is a good environment.

Thanks for comments. I have the scene planned, but also there are other limits. I want to finish what I have started, and moreover I don’t have enough memory. This plane just fits into 1GB, there is a pilot needed. It’s pity that Yafaray doesn’t support render passes.
For now, there are two new renders in the first post.

Just wait, you’ll see it flying…

What takes up a whole gig? I only have 1.25 gigs and Blender runs fine for me no matter what, just some frame jerks when using particles and such.