Dragon Slayer

I’ve created this dragon + knight as an exercise in making interesting poses suitable for animation.
The entire scene is rendered in Eevee, to have a chance of animating it some day.

I was inspired by the medieval legend of Saint George and his battle against a dragon.
I’m still not sure whether a sword or halberd would be approriate to kill this dragon, and I haven’t yet decided who to win.

Some technical questions:
Are the clouds/fog looking ok?

What about the poses - could anything be done to make them more interesting?
Any ideas of improving the composition of the image?


I like the shot , great point in the action… the more I look at it the more I do

Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

There’s one thing that I just noticed, the dragon appears to be “landing” but only one of the wing is deployed… he was probably landing from an unbalanced position :wink: makes a lot of sense in a fight

I like it very much but the trees just look out of place

Thanks. What do you think I should replace the trees with?

you could like replace some of it by some more rocks like in the forground

Very epic, with the classic small hero against the large beast!

I’m personally a little distracted by the fog, particularly on the left of the image, but I’m not quite sure how I’d fix it (maybe lessen its effect by making it more wispy?).

My main critique is subjective, so take it with a grain of salt :slight_smile:
The main thing I’m looking at is the contrast of values and where they’re focused. From the angle of the light the hero is in the dark (we see only the shadow side), so its a little hard to focus on. I would personally like to see either the hero illuminated slightly more, or perhaps with the sun directly behind him, causing a dramatic rim lighting. A small glint in the sword could also be an awesome little detail. The dragon has the most uniform value gradient in the image I think, but is arguably the most important piece, so some more contrast could increase appeal there also.

Hope this is helpful!