Dragon - The Second

Hey all :slight_smile:

This is my second attempt at modeling a cartoon styled dragon. It’s been about week since I’ve started seriously leaning about modeling, and I’m happy with how far I’ve come, but I’ve still got so much to learn.

Next I start the daunting task of modeling it’s body. It’ll take a few tries before I can work out the topology and such, but I must keep pushing on :slight_smile:

Looking promissing so far, is the neck gonna stay like that? It Appears a bit thin on Side view making the head look too big for the neck. Otherwise u still editing we wil take a look at it when the body is done :slight_smile:

Thanks bluexray :slight_smile: Once I finish the body and tail I’ll make the neck more proportional to everything else. You’re right though, I didn’t notice how thin the neck was until you pointed it out in those screenshots!

I’m happy with where I’m at tonight. Tomorrow will be shaping the wings more and working on the tail.

For the tail, how would you recommend I make it? I don’t want to apply the mirror modifier yet, so I can’t necessarily get the tail in any position but straight out. Should I make the tail before applying the mirror modifier and rig it so I can play with it afterwards, or make it after applying the mirror modifier?

Thanks, and enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: , i see its coming real good too great stuff looks promising at the back the shoulders are looking real good.

Thanks bluexray!

This is where I ended up tonight:

I didn’t get too much done today, just extended and shaped the tail, and started on the arms and legs… I’m a little disappointed with how everything looks at the moment, but I’ve got to have patience with myself haha

Any advice for arms/legs?

Its coming good at the moment, the arm and legs look ok to me . Yes patience is the key until you get stuck on your project and start loosing patience lol :slight_smile:

Haven’t got too much further. I’ve added detail to the back, shaped the wings and head (more defined jaw), and added claws. Slowly but surely I’m getting there haha

Suggestions advice? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes its real beginning to look like a dragon now i like the work on its back great work. The feet too great improvements. I was worried abt the wing too but u have done it very beautifully , keep going :slight_smile: