Dragon Tutorial Question


I have just been watching the interesting Dragon cartoon tutorial from the Blendernation news page

[http://www.youtube.com/watch_fullscreen?video_id=gSm6-URq__0&l=596&t=OEgsToPDskK-upQN4hm6xQPjydEIyjxA&fs=1&title=Blender tutoriel Dragonrose step4](http://www.youtube.com/watch_fullscreen?video_id=gSm6-URq__0&l=596&t=OEgsToPDskK-upQN4hm6xQPjydEIyjxA&fs=1&title=Blender tutoriel Dragonrose step4)

I am puzzled by the first bit of this video, I am sure it is easy, but cant figure out how he highlights one quad then with seemingly one click makes a new almost circular looking quad inside the selected face
I thought it was an extrude and a scale inwards operation but I cant manage to repeat the trick the way he does it in the demo. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Thanks for any tips
Regards Geoff

Rightyo, I’m on the case.

It’s an extrude, but he has subsurf on and has it set to subsurf the editing cage mesh. In the modifier for subsurf, it’s the little grey circle, click it.

The initial circle is caused by having proportional editing on. (‘o’ key when in edit mode). The other is just an extrude, you were right.

Highlighting one quad is done by changing it to face select mode (toolbar underneath 3d view, group of four buttons by the right hand side, it’s the second from the right)

Hi Ian

I knew I would kick myself when someone pointed it out :smiley:
The one thing I was missing was in the subsurf panel the little grey button needed to be on

“apply modifer to edit cage during editmode”

Have to remember that one, its quite a neat way of doing extrusions for arm legs etc.

I quite like those video tuts, they are pretty good, shame they dont have sound though. Going to watch the remaining ones now
Thanks again


Haha! I’ve been freakily puzzled as well how he did that in his video tutorial, I finished watching the tutorial just this morning, and hey, I was waiting for any hints in the end of the video as to how I could really come up with that “technique” the modeler used to extrude the circle thing from the face. I was clicking almost all the buttons I can see in Blender and was also pressing every combination possible in my keyboard just to see if it matches the way he did in the video, but with no luck, I was desperately eager to know how he really did that.

Thanks so much for posting this question, and luckily I found the answer here as well. I was googling all the way and found nothing regarding that method. Whew! Blenderartists saves the day again. hehe!


Whew! At long last, I found the answer! haha! Thanks soooOo much! thanks!

I almost gave up for the search. Just this morning I was really frustrated how I could come upon that method. :smiley:

Thanks a bunch!

*I wish next time they post a video as great as that, they might as well place some subtitle-like or text to guide watchers how he did this and that"