Dragon WIP

okay, im starting a new WIP. However this doesnt mean i wont keep meddling with my other ones–just that theyre boring now and im quite happy with this idea. So here goes, im modelling a dragon-heres the first pic-

which im quite pleased with,
heres another one more recent (i did more whilst waiting for imageshack-except i “waited” about half an hour because I forgot about this)

Ive been asked by my wee bro to do a version without any legs, but i want one with legs, so looks like ill have two by the time im finished.
Btw the scales texture etc are all procedural and are all placeholders-maybe ill end up UV mapping, but probably not(i dont like it)
any crits appreciated-ideas for a scene also appreciated.

Why does it look like he has a giant egg in his mouth (the big yellow part in front)?

oh thats the beak-maybe ill make it smaller


and my reference picture

-tommorrow ill cut holes and start adding arms and legs

oh and a wireframe view

I am going to add some bigger spikes to it-mr dragon will also hopefully become the proud new owner of some broken horns/spikes and some lovely battle scars-also, you cant see it from there but he does have teeth (although not a tongue, i forgot about that)

started working on a scene and added arms

please give me ideas for a scene! (preferably one that doesnt need the dragon rigged, as im hopeless at that.)
I am going to start UVunwrapping it-wish me luck as im scared.
thanks for looking, remember crits welcome.

Thanks for replying everyone! (j/k)
anyway, sort of an update: i had an idea
The camera angles a wee bit messed up so if you cant see, its the dragon looking through a cat flap.Ill fix it up later.

I like your dragon!

Though I think making it look through a catflap doesnt do justice to the rest of the body you worked on =P.

You do limit yourself quite a bit without rigging… having him in that stuck position is pretty hard to make good in pictures.

Well you could move him around without armatures? =P Or maybe you could make him a statue? =P just a thought =)

nice model. the tail seems a bit short to me, but that might just be me. maybe a voronoi texture set to nor to give the skin some texture too.


Nice model. He is a dragon,right? do u plan to make him wings? He is great now but it would look more like a dragon if he had wings but it is only my opinion.

some tweaks to the scene etc.
and ive started on the wings as sfmanga suggested-
but now im tired and am going to sleep. (quarter past midnight zzzz)
crits on the shape of the supporting “arm” of the wing would be nice, as i just made it up quickly and dont really know if its any good.

As far as it looks the membrane of the wing looks a bit too broken to sustain flight, unless you have a supporting structure still to place.