Dragon WIP

Hello everybody! I have spent the past few days working on a dragon model. this is what I have got so far:


So far I have Modeled it, and added bump mapping to the main body. I still have a lot to do, and the bump mapping isn’t quite right. I mainly want some feedback on the model itself. Thanks!

There are some boxy areas and some funny shading on one of the wings, but the modeling doesn’t look too bad right now otherwise, it’d depend on what the wireframe looks like, you could work on the head to model where the eyes would go as they almost seem tacked on.

He looks kindof cute.

Good start , i like your little dragon ;).

i want to see more

It’s like a little cherub dragon! Good start, can’t tell for sure but it looks to me like the scales are inverted on the nor-mapping. Maybe it’s just me. And don’t think you want the scales showing up inside the mouth, but I’m sure you’ll fix that later on. Wireframe image would show us all a little more of what’s really going on. :slight_smile:

you need to give him eyelids. the model looks good but it looks like you glued two balls to his forehead. just put in more lights so people can look at the tail.cause i cant see it all to to give you crit on it. also it would be better to wait until you know your model is completely finished before you start texturing. good luck!

Off to a good start.

One thing I would add is that his thumb is too thin.