After rigging and posing it, I made a procedural fire shader for a flamethrower that doesn’t need volumetrics or any other simulation/baking:

Any feedback/critique will be appreciated.

Must still learn to animate this creature.


Hi, I’d be very happy for a little feedback (critique) on the dragon. It would be of a great help.

great looking dragon really nice stuff :heart_eyes:
maybe make the claws more weathered looking discoloured/ off-white yellow with noise textures. they look a bit too pure white. you could add some subtle battle scars to the wings if its been in some fights. Look up lizards/ Iguana as refrences if you get stuck… with Iguanas the eye area can be more yellow which may look more realistic :+1:

Nice to see you making the dragon…I am also doing one. please look into my WIP…It’s a good start to learn the anatomy and characteristics of this kind of creature.

Keep Blending!

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Thanks. Here’s a little update. A walk cycle - it’s my first walk cycle for a dragon:

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looking good! :+1: :mechanical_leg: