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for my album… the lizard was my first project (which sucked in comparison lol!) The dragon is my second Organic project. I know it doesn’t seem like much. But believe me, in comparison to the lizard. It’s a Huuuuge improvement! I finally got the hang of the keys now. So hopefully. my next organic project will look much much better and not just a regurgitated version of the dragon :slight_smile: Tell me what ya think?

Oh, BTW, anybody got any good looking scales textures that they can link to me so I can give the dragon some decent looking scales? I don’t want him to look like somethign that came out of the Gumby show LOL!

Too square looking. the front ot the head is very squared off. there are square-ish proportions all over it’s body. needs to be rounded out some more.

some snakey texture:

got it off the web, can’t remember where.

Taken again off the web, of a real snakeskin, then edited in Gimp to be more CG friendly (made it more rectangular, tileable)

use them if you’d like!