Hi peoples,
I’ve only been using Blender for about 2 months now, Learning it for doing film special effects, but here is my first complex model i;ve tried making. I just wondered what the general consensus for how it looked so far was :slight_smile:
I’m going for an anne mcaffery almost suede like skin rather than scales, but i’ll probably change the texture when i;ve done more of the model.
Comments are definately welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


the modeling is pretty good. i really like the texture too. can’t waqit to see it finished :slight_smile:

“Canth” :smiley: Do you like the books? I notice your name is from them.

Well, I’d say he likes a certain set of books, judging by the color of that dragon. However, it looks more bronze-ish than brown, so maybe the dragon is Mnementh. Either way, looks very much like a Pernese dragon of the Wheelan variety (I have the old late 70’s, early 80’s Del Ray paperbacks).

Looks good :slight_smile:

unfortunatly i did read some of the books :expressionless: … and i will not read any more or i drop asleep (good begining, slow middle part and the end you won’t notice as you are asleep already).

concerning your model it looks to me more like a dinosaur than a mc dragon. i base this on the way she describes 'em and the few illustrations. something is also odd with the muscles, the run the wrong way, for example the jaw muscle runs straight down the mouth corner which looks really odd. the texture itself looks not bad, but somehow it doesn’t feel to me much like the d’s in the books. maybe only my interpretation.

Hi, sorry about the delay, I did intend to gt another pic up woth this post but after a night of hard work it had a horrible accident with wings and i tne managed to lose the whole nights work! I love the mc books, I’ve just finished my annual read of the whole series which gave me the idea to work on this. The reason it looks very dinosaur like at the moment is mainly because i haven’t got round to modelling the ridges and other details on the head which will (hopefully) make it look a bit more dragon like. I should get another image up within the next few days. I’ve decided to make the wings seperate from the body and attatch them when they;re finished, it was too complicated making them from extrusions on the body. And i am planning on going back and changing the muscles, I’m not happy with them yet either :smiley: Thanks for your comments, they’ve really lifted my mood after losing the work :slight_smile:

I haven;t decided if i’m gonig to base it no a particular dragon yet btw, the texture might change colour if i do :stuck_out_tongue:

wings are rather simple. extrude the wing-fingers first, then if done extrude the web from them. easier than modelling separate and attaching it. depends though if your face loops are messed up or not ¬.=.¬