This has been my project for the week and it’s to a point where I can use some advice. I wanted to do a different style of dragon because I liked the dragon “Spirited Away” and wanted to do something along those lines. That dragon was more Asian like and sort of looked like a wolf with some bird elements in it.

So I wanted to try to do a dragon that was kind of a mix of a wolf, dragon and a bird with forward facing eyes. I felt the eyes being forward was better for vision and originally thought it would help with expression for the character. Another reason for the forward facing eyes was that this character had a human form at one point so was trying to preserve some of that in her at this point in the characters story – at least for the story I want to use this character in.

This is pretty much the rough cut with the majority of the work done to the head. The body, wings and teeth are stand in to get the per portions right, they will be replaced later on with a higher resolution object.

I went with round pupils for now because they were easier to do and hawks have round pupils so it might be accurate. I want to add mammalian teeth later on (incisors, canine and molars).

The face is supposed to look wolf/dog like but I wonder if the eyes are throwing it off or not because it doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps I should move the eyes more to the sides? Well at any rate looking for input.

The first 2 pictures are what I started with, the last ones are a few posts down.


Good work :slight_smile:

I think it looks more like a dragon if it had two horns on its head :slight_smile:

Currently it looks like it has a head of a dog and a body of a dragon.

I can’t remember how the dragon looks like in Spirited Away.

This is what the dragon from Spirited Away looks like. The snout was longer on my dragon earlier this week but I’ve been shrinking it - I don’t recall why though. Wasn’t too sure about the horns but I’ll try it out.


Yeah I agree - I’ll admit thats not the look I’m going for lol. So I’ll give it a shot.

The way your model looks now reminds me of the Dragon in The Neverending Story.

That dragon in Spirited Away has no wings.

rubs eyes and checks MrRage’s dragon again

The head of the dragon in Spirited Away looks more flatter and sharper overall when compared to yours.

Look at the eyes :smiley:

Alright well tweaked a slightly earlier version with some of the ideas mentioned above as a test and here are the results.

I tried a different style nose so let me know what you think.


For the join of the horn to the head add a small buildup of skin around the base of the horn. Keep in mind that the horn would be growing from the skull and literally through the skin.

Alright well I redid the horns - I had it in there before but for some reason it wasn’t coming out right. This version makes it more noticeable - and I tried a different angle for the horns.

Did some minor tweaking and redid the lighting on these shots.


looks good, i think though you should move the nostril down and back abit, it looks to centralised. and i know im gunna curse it know but im shocked that CD hasnt shown up yet, what with DRAGON being in the title.

but im shocked that CD hasnt shown up yet, what with DRAGON being in the title.

Your Dragon has arrived:yes:

Looks like the Dragon in Spirited away takes a drastic departure from the classical Western Dragons and even the Easterns.

Looks good so far, I personally think mammalian teeth in a Dragon would look wierd, but it’s your Dragon, I already know it won’t be of the classical style, but Dragons can have quite a bit of variation.

oh boy, yet another dragon…

anyway it looks good, but i would put some lips on it, just a little pertruding out. just for that extra detail.

Ok some new pics for you guys to check out.

After looking at the wires its easy to tell this thing probably has more geometry than it should but besides that things are moving along. The body and wing is roughed out, still need to go in and add detail like claws on the wings and a membrane. The legs / arms still need to be reshaped but the have the basic shape at least. The wings should fold up and cover around 2/3 - 3/4 of the body length, but no more than that.

I’m going to add hands and feet in the next couple days. It’s looks a lot different than the first few pics, thats for sure. I never was really found of Luckdragon from the never ending story.


Alright well the hands and feet are done. Right now the hands and the wings have 4 fingers and the feet three - so I might extrude out the 4th toe on the feet - not sure yet. She was built as a quadruped before but after I modeled the hands I changed her to a biped, thought it fitted the hands better. I’ve been tweaking little things here and there but I still need to sit down and do the teeth, jaw and wing membrain before I’m done with the modeling and can move into sculpting for detail.


:confused: … size down those wings… ah! That’s horrible. The wings are heavier than the entire dragon gasp

I think those exaggerated wings look quite cool