Remember when you see the “Dragon Ball” cartoons when I feel pilaf is very interesting, tragic fate let him meet goku.

Mr. Akira Toriyama, I very much love to his design, both Western noble elements and Chinese elements, and Persian elements, thus creating a multicultural character image, feeling his 3D is very interesting, so I used the leisure time to make 3D work.

Pilaf wanted to do at the beginning of the image is a bad egg, after thinking, want to show a different kind of Pilaf: handsome, chic, very fan.

My ArtStation


Great model, great texturing

Wow, just wow! What a delicate work it is! Well done, man!

Looks great! but i would love to see a blue version :slight_smile:

That is so spot on! When I first came to the site, I laughed right then and there!

awesome, did you use another software to acomplish it?, render whith cycles???

Awesome work, it looks a bit 3d and anime, at the same time, it’s really amazing, Fast q: how can some make the clothes look really like if is cloth,?

Use CLIP Studio Paint & krita.
Yes! Absolute cycles rendering.

Use CLIP Studio Paint & krita.
Yes! Absolute cycles rendering.

Natural folds and Fresnel.

This is amazing!! Love Dragonball. Did you sculpt it in blender? I assume you drew the concept in Krita and CLIP right?

Really love it, it is so cute and full of memory when seeing it. Good work!

Very cool and hats off to your artstation. Lotsa eye candy over there. Well done.

Nice, how did you do the collar?

Great job! looks awesome. I love dragon ball. Congratulations!

very impressive

it’s a very good work!! :cool:

yes,sculpt it in blender, Krita and CLIP:)

Collar making of

Great Job!!!