Dragonfly ( link to files added !!!)

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Well, two years ago I started with a project called ‘Higher Sounds’. It’s a short animation film about naked ‘angels’ (as representation of the physical human form) searching for ‘sound-creatures’ (as representation of the metaphysical essence of music). Finally, after the journey. the ‘angels’ would merge with the ‘sound-creatures’ and reach Higher Sounds. The angels would travel in a mechanical dragonfly.

I took long breaks, because this is a private project, but now the angels and dragonfly are almost finished…


I made an interactive ‘show-model’ in the real-time engine…


all I need to do is animate the legs (but I have trouble with the armature)…


and finish a few details…


I won’t post pictures of the angels (because they are naked and realistic)…


I wanted to share with you something new in Blender.

The dragonfly is animated using a total of 86 bones (78 for 6 legs, 4 for 4 wings and 4 for 4 coupling-hooks).

On my system the dragonfly runs at 30 to 40 fps at 1280 x 1024 screen-resolution:

AMD Athlon XP 2600 (2.08 GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with 8x AGP
512 Mb RAM


(at this moment pressing key 1, 2 or 3 gives an action, I’ll add more later)

Also, please download my classic interactive 3D-card:

B-boy Robotik



So you say this is for the game engine? If it is that is one fantastic model for the game engine.

care to share the .blend? looks amazing, and is it ingame? wow!

Amazing…iI wanna see this game ready!

That is the best game model I have seen made in Blender to date. Excellent work.


Sheesh, I was about to reply saying “nice model, but you should turn up subsurf a bit on those edges” when I read down and realised it’s a realtime model! Wow. That’s some very nice modelling and texturing indeed.

…I can’t wait to see it in motion. 86 bones! The textures are great and I love the details in the leg area. Realising your short film in Blender’s game engine is a nice idea.

Well, thanks for the nice reactions!

The images I posted are actually screenshots of the model playing in real-time, so yes: what you see is what you get.

The user has the possibility to rotate around the dragonfly and zoom in.

Pressing the numbers 1 to 5 makes the dragonfly perform some actions, like turn on the lights and move the legs in different positions.

I forgot to say that the project uses 11.500 vertices and +/- 13.000 faces.

The frame-rate I mentioned is at a screenresolution of 1280 x 1024. In a small window the frame-rate is higher, obviously.

I thibk tonight I can finish the animation of the legs, so tomorrow I could post the finished project. But onlu as .EXE.


Holy Christ! That’s a lot of complex objects there. Good job dude. I’d forget half of what I was doing, during the creation of it. Nice work!

awesome model! that would have gone nicely in the CGTalk machineflesh competition.

Links are added

:o :o :o :o :o WOW thats really good,

one thing though, u may want to make it bob up and down so it looks like its flying

I see a link to the page but not the exe, whats up?


Well, look a little bit higher

this is really nice work dude, well done. keep it up i love it so much.

very nice… it looks more detailed than it actually is, I actually like the concept of the dragonfly… like the colour combinations too… don’t have much else to say about it though,

So you say this is for the game engine? If it is that is one fantastic model for the game engine.

Kansas, your replies make me puke,… sorry everybody… |I can’t stop myself anymore…[/quote]

What were you doing to check the frame rate? To me it looks like I"m getting about 60fps or so but without a way to accurately check I’m not sure.

Nice work though. Maybe add a zoom out key though :slight_smile: Would help once you get closer than you’d like.

pardon me for asking without trying first but I don’t have that much free time right now…

How did you make the exe for this? I see the template for the interactive 3d model on the blender resources page. Did you use that? Was it difficult to set up the action buttons and the view controls or were they part of a template?

I have been working on some woodworking projects that would be perfect for this type of exe demo. If I could rotate around, zoom, and make the doors swing open, I would be happy! Any advice or links for a direct setup like this. If the view controls like you have setup are pre-built into the template then I am sorry for asking without testing, but I’m at work!


Well, choice3d, the answer is simple.

I do not use any template, I programmed everything in the game logic-menu. You know, with sensors, controllers and actuators. It’s incredibly easy.

If you are familiar with Blender Publisher (2.25) and Blender 2.34, you could know it’s easy to make an executable demo.

In the top menu there’s an option called ‘save runtime…’ In 2.25 you then get an option to choose run-size, framerate, etc. (in 2.34 located in render-menu). Pack the data, save as runtime, and that’s moe or less it.

If you need more help, search the posts or knowledge base for tutorials…

What were you doing to check the frame rate? To me it looks like I"m getting about 60fps or so but without a way to accurately check I’m not sure.

In Blender I used the info from Blender’s ‘show framerate and profile’.


victor: well, you are right sort of…

once you know how to do most anything, it’s very easy… when you don’t know how to do what you want to do, the first time can be very difficult, especially to a relative blender newb… (~6 months of study and practice but still very much a newb)

I tried out the templates from blender3d.org in the resources section. They have two nice examples files plus a decent tutorial. Scroll down to the template section to product presentation on this link if you too are “not in the know” but would like to make a nice exe for showing off a real-time model like the one victor has made.


Once I figured out how to do it, it was easy. This was my first journey into the game engine logic bricks etc…