Dragonhead Zasakonia

Hey everybody,

i work momentary on my dragonhead sculpt, i would love to hear your opinion to say what i can improve.

It’s hard to see what we’re looking at with a straight-on frontal view. If you turned the model a little it would be easier.

A quick reaction, though - even with a fantasy creature, you have to keep the anatomy plausible. If those indentations at the top are eye sockets, I think they would be too small and high on the head. Imagine the skull for this creature; there wouldn’t really be enough bone at the top of the skull with the eyes in that position.

Why must the anatomy plausible? I mean it’s a fantasy creature :'D Well, i will try to fix that.

I uploded a another render’s

Ah. There. Much better in a three-quarters view. And looking at it from the side, the eyes look much more believable.

It’s not a bad start, though the head and the jaw is somewhat reminding me more of a goat as of now than a Dragon. Perhaps you can look through this forum and Google for some Dragon/reptilian references and see if that gives you ideas.

Great to hear this! :slight_smile:

Funny random fact: my brother is the same opinion how you :smiley: Yeah, maybe a start a another dragon head model, because on my first try i have not use any references of Dragons/reptilian

its the nose, if you make it just slit nostrils that don’t stick out it will look far more reptilian. reptiles tend not to have noses that stick out, or look like that.

I bet is you fix that, most of the goat look will be gone

Honestly? It may really look like a goat to some, but if it’s a fantasy creature, I would go on, and follow the path you’re on now. Unless your really want to make a dragon looking like all the dragons that you can find on the web. Anyone of you guys seen the Neverending story? Falcon was a dragon… He looked more like a dog in that film, but was a dragon after all… And to bo more up to date (altough I’m aware it doesn’t have much to do with goat-like noses), in How to train your dragon, there was only one single dragon that looked like most of us imagine those creatures look… So, in my opinion, you should just use your imagination, and if you’d for example like your creature to have a fur, just let it have a fur… Or don’t have wings, and stuff like that.
And well, I’ve almost forgotten, I like the sculpt. The head looks as if it belonged to a friendly mentor or something like that, perfect creation for a fantasy story. Keep on scultping, I’m hoping to see some more details on it ! :slight_smile: