Dragons Peak

So the idea for this was simple enough. I am new to sculpting and have always wanted to sculpt an Eastern Styled dragon. I had been inspired from some of my favorite artists on artstation and decided to give it a try. Cut to a week later and I never want to see hair particles again haha. The more and more I kept adding to the scene the farther I got carried away with it. I eventually decimated a lot of it, but it’s not officially retopoed, which I’m sure if it had been, would have made the hair system easier to work with on the collision side and possibly could have helped me animate the thing. Still I’m very happy with my result.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it and I will try to answers them.

You can also check out more and some of the WIP shots on my Instagram. Don’t be that person that doesn’t check out more art cause they’re shy to be on someone else’s Instagram!

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