Dragon's Tale

Work in progress

this looks awesome.

What will this be used for? This must have taken a long time to sculpt!

OH!! GOD!! this is impressive.

Wow very good Nice Work

For my personal project “Dragon’s Tale”

Actually not that much, I’ve made a dragon for 3hrs and all ornamental rough elements in 1 day.

Crazy details! I love it.

Amazing work, the details are just phenomenal

Very nice. Great details.

Thank you guys
Final result is here

Nice composition.

Really nice piece. Maybe a bit desaturated. Congratulations!

I love the lighting in the final version.

This is quality.

Legend! The detailing is superb

Jeez, man, you are completely nuts! Well, in a good way, of course. :slight_smile:
Astonishing work!

When ca we see the finished product?

Hnnnnnnnnggggggg… I can’t imagine slaving over to get those details right…respect sir! I salute to you!

stunning, and how the shaders do complete your creation. Nice!

That’s some sweet detail work.