Dragster Racer Game

Hi, ill start to post here my dragster racer game because my old thread is about other game.

here are one screenshot and the .blend file so far


.blend without textures because my internet is really too slow:

if anyone know any thread about minimapping and stuff for the textures in glsl please let me know! :confused:

and if you download the .blend take a look that the car goes thru the walls sometimes :o. How to correct this?

Anyone knows how to make particles come out from the tyres? so i can make some smoke effect :smiley:

I’ll continue drawing the scenario, see you later!

UPDATES AVAILABLE @ the end of this page…

the car could be a bit bigger

Yes it should be…

I really need to parent the lamp.002 on the car but only the position, not the rotation…
I tryed with constrains but didnt work

Other issue is about the materials of the car. If you look the car that is under the ground its materials are ok when play the game. But its instance (when you press P) that is on the track shows all materials as white color, exept for the car body texture…

update .blend:

update image:

Upload on filefront, savefile breaks links after a while.

ok, filefront next time!!!

Looking cool!

Game update:

GLSL Version!!!
Shadows are ok!

I made a low poly car to the physics and a medium poly to the shader… Working fine!

There are some issues such the car going thru walls and/or ground… Anyone ???

Well, now i will focus on the scenario a bit more.
See ya!
Gameplay video:

Gameplay video 2 (update)

Gameplay video 3 (update)

I just uploaded a demo of my dragster racer game

I need help to make implementations:

  • gears system :wink:
  • smoke particles from the tyres :eek:
  • parachute system for breaking :eyebrowlift:
  • any ideas are welcome!!!

I want to make some “pitstop” where you can custumize the car color, tyre types, wings size, gears relations…

executable link:

just put it on the blender folder (blender svn or newer) and run.


the track needs to be longer