Draw and paint brush with together?

in sculp mode, why don’t draw and paint brush work same time as zbrush style ?

Because it’s Blender, not ZBrush

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You expect every user on BlenderArtist to know how ZBrush works in detail ? You may want to elaborate this ??
Even if someone looks up the meaning of the words draw and paint on its own then there could eb several interpretations… i don’t know if Mudbox or 3D Coat or maybe also Meshmixer (?) have the same idea of a draw brush… or if maybe it is called pull brush somewhere ?? The maning of to paint is also sometimes splash, spraying and even inject

I for example have problems to even understand youe title and also what you mean by:

Here what i meant. Color and bump brush stroke at same time

Texture paint an image and use that image to affect both displacement and color. Should be pretty simple

Ahhh… i maybe even now know/remember why this is so “natural” in ZBrush… it evolved (an still is) from a 2.5 dimensional drawing program… it “just” used the brush to also draw bump/displacement/vector maps… if i remember correclty ( properly not… i tried ZBrush years ago and with no tablet… and my computer back then wasn’t powerfull enough ) in earlier versions there wasn’t even a 3D view… :think: or a slow one… or it was my computer…
… but blender does this not only differently as ZBrush… but also because of the “traditional” separation of sculpting and painting…