Drawing Curves: Now Possible Thanks to Aligorith

Freehand Curves!
I know many of you have been asking for such a feature, and now it looks as though its here! As of rev. 16270, you can convert strokes on the active grease pencil layer to curves.

I haven’t been able to try it yet because I have been unable to compile due to an error in KX_BlenderRenderTools.cpp, so hopefully I haven’t been tricked by the SVN log. :smiley:

This was commited to Blender today.

drawing curves sounds useful, I wonder what thing grease pencil would allow next.

Holy Action Batman!! Talk about organic animation and creation… :slight_smile:

Now I just have to wait until somebody fixes rev. 16275. :smiley:

EDIT: I learned a bit more about SVN, and I was able to revert to revision 16274. I am compiling now.

He he I had to look into the source to figure out how to get this to work. Good learning experience I guess. Anyway, once you have no Active Object, press Alt C (Convert Menu) and confirm Convert to Curve.

I’ll have a build for you on GraphicAll when I get my activation email.

Hmmm… it seems as though it only supports paths right now, no bezier. Hopefully that comes.

I don’t know if Aligorith will red this, but are you planning to add Grease Pencil feature even for the sequencer ? Maybe this could create a track to layer on top of a video. It will be really really useful for dailies and even training :smiley:


The command is : alt-shift-c

and you have the choice to convert to path or bezier now !!!



I’ve been considering extending these conversions for making making armatures, meshes, etc. Also, there is still some work to do to finish off drawing in sequencer, and to introduce this for Image Editor too.

If you mean rendering to a video from sequencer, that will probably not work that great as the drawing uses OpenGL. However, I can look into adding some way to just render it to a series of images which can then be overlaid over the video in the sequencer editor if there is really a justifiable need (and enough people consider it useful).

BTW, there’s also an interactive eraser now (has been around for a little while). It can be used by doing Alt-RMB, RMB (with ‘Draw Mode’ activated), or using the ‘eraser’ end of a tablet/stylus. :slight_smile:


The mailing lists state they can now create bezier curves.

This will also be very useful for the curve2tree script used for Peach, just draw the branches.

Will grease pencil also be able to support drawing of polygon geometry? I think many will use it frequently if we can draw things in a way to make extrusion paths, holes, ect…

Saw that this morning. Alt Shift C simplifies things; I was having a hard time having no active object without deleting it. :smiley:

The bezier is awesome too.

Thanks Aligorith! :yes:

Okay here’s a build to play with (windows only for now :():


sketching side views in Blender ! F**ing A !

Great I was hoping for this feature!

go aligorith :smiley:

nice :slight_smile: wow, that grease pencil is fun :slight_smile:
thanks for the curve thingy! :smiley:

How could you control where there pane would be onto which you would sketch in 3D?

Sofar it is easy to sketch side, top, front, back views by having those at the 0 location of the x, y, z axis.

But what when I want it to be a little more lets say 5 blender units away on the y axis from the center?

cekuhen: change the location of the 3d-cursor so that it is n-units along some axis or so