Drawing hand-like paws for a canine creature

Recently, I’ve been wanting to get back into drawing, but it’s been hard for me to draw anything. I really want to draw hand-like paws for a race of canines I’ve been creating, but I don’t know how I should do it exactly. Each of the 'handapaws" (front paws that also serve as hands for these creatures) has four fingers and a thumb, but it’s been a little difficult for me to try and draw that. I’m also not especially good at drawing hands in a small area. What do I do?

Perhaps you can use Blender to blockout the shape you want to make.

Avoid modeling. Just scale and move the cubes in place, trying to combine human elements with canine elements.

Then you would use the blockout for drawing. This is the most common technique used in concept art, since it takes away lots trial and error in the beginning and giving you a good place to start.

A fast sketch. Maybe it will be helpful for getting started, finding inspiration etc. Sorry, I’m pretty rusty with pen and paper too.

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Here’s what I’ve been thinking about in regards to “handapaws”. The two biggest doodles are what I want, the third one is a poor sketch of it out, and the small fourth one is how I’ve tried to put it into different poses despite not being able to draw small things well.

This one is actually good. @Eppu

To be honest, it would be much easier for me to get better at drawing those hand-like canine paws if I could see what kinds of shapes I should draw. That is one problem I have. I am a visual learner, and it would be easier if that drawing from @Eppu would show where I draw the shapes.

I’ve been trying my best to copy what was shown, but this is what I get…

The toe-fingers look swollen, and the results aren’t what I want nor what I’ve been trying to recreate in that picture. How do I draw one of those handapaws better and make it look neater?

If you feel like making corrections to your .blend file, use the reference image and reposition the elements around.

No need for clear blueprints. Just use the reference image and reshape it in-place just as it looks.

You can start with disney style of images, since the design language in there is very strong and clear. Once you get the proper look you might try to make a few further adjustments.

At this point, since you try to get the shape, no need for proper modeling. Just sculpted and shaped cylinders will do.

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Is it okay to use some of the handapaw concept art bits for Zootopia as a reference?

It’s OK, no need to worry about it.

Hi, thank you for this sketch, really practical.

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